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We acquired Sudzee in San Francisco!

Today we’re thrilled to announce our acquisition of Sudzee, the San Francisco-based laundry delivery company and a true pioneer in our space. With this acquisition, we expect to double our footprint in SF and accelerate our overall growth in the Bay Area.

Sudzee was founded by Selena and Paul Wiley in 2011, years before VC-backed startups like Prim,, or Rinse came to market. Early on Selena and Paul invented (and patented) a uniquely secure, steel mesh-reinforced laundry bag paired with a 4-digit lock, that could withstand being left unattended on SF doorsteps.

That invention helped them establish a loyal base of customers in SF, many of who still use the bag to this day.

We look forward to serving Sudzee customers for years to come (feel free to keep using your Sudzee bag), and we thank Selena and Paul for trusting us with their business. Onwards!

Laura & David

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