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Premium laundry delivery, at your doorstep.

Since launching our delivery service in 2019, we’ve been obsessed with one thing: doing household laundry - wash and fold, fluff and fold, etc - really, really well.

It's been a bumpy ride but today we’re proud to be the best-rated laundry delivery service in the Bay Area.

Here’s what (we think) sets Family Laundry apart:

In-house work: Our dedicated team of 30+ W-2 professionals ensures your laundry receives the love and attention it deserves, at every step of the way. From our drivers to our launderers, we never outsource.

Individual treatment: Every Family Laundry customer gets their own dedicated machines. Your laundry is never mixed with someone else's (of course).

Free and Clear always: We use only high-quality hypoallergenic detergents to clean, and Ozone-water to sanitize your laundry. The result: fresh, sparklingly clean laundry with a neutral smell.

Drawer-ready: Each laundry item is sorted, folded, and bundled by family member, making it easy for you to unpack and put away.

Less junk: We use only natural, non-toxic cleaning products. We source detergents locally. We avoid unnecessary plastic. We don’t use softener sheets, toxic products, or chlorine bleach. We believe it’s better for our customers, it’s better for our employees, and it’s better for the planet (did you know our delivery fleet is mostly electric?).

Thank you for trusting us with your laundry. Your feedback is always welcomed and appreciated.

Family Laundry.

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