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Wash & Fold for
Busy Households
Hypoallergenic Laundry | Free & Clear | No nasty stuff
Family Laundry electric delivery truck

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Delivering the freshest laundry in the Bay since 2019.

Imagine a service that picks up your dirty laundry, then returns it to you perfectly washed and folded. Within a day. Like magic. That's Family Laundry (learn more about what makes us stand out).


We're an Oakland-based family business with more than 30 employees. We operate our own laundering facilities (we never, ever outsource) and delivery vehicles. It's 100% Family Laundry, satisfaction guaranteed.

Let us take care of your laundry. Download the Family Laundry app or create an account

Per Bag

$55 + Delivery


(Great for occasional users).

A Family Laundry bag
2 tall bags of dirty laundry
  • 25 lbs Wash & Fold (about three loads)*

  • Next-day Delivery: $9.95.

  • Same-day Delivery: $19.95.

*Bags weighing more than 25 lbs are an extra $3 per lb.



(Best value). 

A Family Laundry bag
A Family Laundry bag
A Family Laundry bag
A Family Laundry bag
  • Laundry pickups once a week

  • 100 lbs Wash & Fold (4 bags)*

  • Next-day Delivery: FREE

  • Same-day Delivery: +$10

*Usage above 100 lbs per month is $2.5 per lb. 

How we clean

We use only plant-based Hypoallergenic detergents and Ozone when washing your laundry. No fragrances, no bleach, no softeners, no dry cleaning solvents, ever.


The result is a neutral, clean laundry smell with no noticeable detergent or conditioner residue.

Laundry basket full of dirty clothes


We empty all pockets and separate lights and darks.

Laundry in a washing machine

Wash, Sanitize, Dry

By default, we wash your laundry in warm water using Free & Clear detergent only. We dry on Medium.

A neatly folded shirt


We neatly fold your laundry, ​ball socks, and bundle your laundry
by family member.

Bubble Power

Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art Ozone water-injection systems that sanitize your laundry (and our washing machines as they run), while boosting the cleaning power of our detergents.

"The way my laundry was returned was so neat and organized that it only took a few minutes to put away. It made me happy, as silly as it seems. The prices seem very fair and the folks were most kind and helpful. You should try it."

Chimed D, Oakland

"Amazing, a godsend, the bomb, so helpful, artistic and beautiful presentation of returned laundry - impressive!!! 5 shining stars!"

Frisbee G, San Francisco

"I cannot emphasize enough how quality this experience was in action [...] My items came back clean, neatly folded, and smelling better than when they were new, which is to say delightfully scent free. "
Our story

Our Family Laundry adventure began in early 2018, the day we closed on our first laundromat in Oakland. Our respective backgrounds didn't make us laundry delivery experts from the get-go but we got our hands dirty and learned along the way.
We run Family Laundry the way we think all companies should be run: we put employees first, we actively engage with the communities we operate in, and we do our part to reduce our impact on the environment.
Thank you for trusting us with your laundry.
Laura Guevara & David Macquart-Moulin

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