We're Family Laundry, the premium wash and fold for busy households. We come to you.


We don't use: harsh chemicals, bleach, softeners, or fragrances ever (we're great for people with sensitive skin or allergies).  We do use: high-quality herbal-based detergents and cool technologies like ozone water injection to get your laundry back to you sparklingly-clean and crisply-folded laundry, the way it should be.

Now serving Oakland and the East Bay 7 days a week.

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Same-day pickup & delivery

Laundry picked up before 10 am is returned to your doorstep by 10 pm (or next day if you prefer).

Who take care of your laundry? We do. All Family Laundry drivers and expert launderers are W-2 employees with benefits. Our processing facilities are owned/operated by us and are closed to the public. 

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Need help getting set up? Call us: (510) 842-3560.


Per bag pricing 

 We charge a flat $49 per bag of laundry up to 25 pounds, the equivalent of about 3-4 loads. Orders weighing more than 25 pounds per bag are an additional $2 per pound. All orders are subject to an $8.95 pickup/delivery fee.

On your first order please leave your laundry out for our driver in a sealed trash bag. We'll return it in a Family Laundry bag, which is yours keep for your next order.

Tips are appreciated but not expected. To leave a tip, please update your preferences. Tips are shared between drivers and launderers.

For their safety our drivers do not carry cash. Please, no cash tips.  


How we clean



We empty all pockets and separate lights & darks.



Warm wash. Free & Clear detergent + Ozonated water. 

Dry on Medium heat.

No: bleach, fragrances, softeners, or toxic products.



We neatly fold your laundry, ​ball socks, and bundle your laundry by Family member.

Our story

Our Family Laundry adventure began in early 2018, the day we closed on our first laundromat in Fruitvale, Oakland. Our respective backgrounds didn't make us laundry delivery experts from the get-go but we got our hands dirty and learned along the way.
We run Family Laundry the way we think all companies should be run: we put employees first, we actively engage with the communities we operate in, and we do our part to reduce our impact on the environment.
Thank you for trusting us with your laundry.
Laura Guevara & David Macquart-Moulin

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