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The best laundry delivery service in Oakland, CA.

Oakland is a city that rhymes with activism, culture, and incredible food...It's the place we call home and where most of the Family Laundry magic happens. Family Laundry is headquartered in Oakland and employs 30 people (as of 10/01/23), mostly in the Fruitvale area where we operate two wash & fold facilities. Our goal? Provide good, stable jobs that value craftsmanship, experience, and initiative. We believe you'll notice the difference in our laundry service.

Same-day service available every day except Sundays.

Pickup/Delivery days: Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday | Saturday | Sunday

Pickup/Delivery windows: 7-9 am | 9-11 am | 6-8 pm | 8-10 pm

Turnaround: same-day (if pickup is in the morning) or next-day (if pickup in the evening).

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