Laundry Wash & Fold Service Oakland ​

Wash & Fold Drop-off

If you're looking for the best wash and fold services in Oakland, you're in the right place!

Family Laundry boasts a state-of-the-art wash and fold laundry dropoff center that is able to handle even the most demanding load of laundry. Whether you have large bulky items like sleeping bags, a dog bed, or comforters our machines can handle them all! 

You can easily drop off your laundry 2609 Foot Boulevard, Oakland CA from 7am-8pm any day of the week! 

*we do not offer our delivery service for drop-off, but any order placed by 10am is able to be picked up after 5pm on the same day!

Laundry Services in Oakland
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Laundry Dropoff Prices

Simply bring your bagged laundry to our Wash & Fold Laundry center, fill out the form, and you'll be all set!


You can choose from the following options:


  • Wash & Dry: $0.75/lb

  • Wash & Fold: $1.25/lb